Team building activities

One of the most fun moments during events are without a doubt team building activities. We always try and arrange the most fun, creative activities we can think of – depending on our clients’ wishes, of course! Some team building activities we have organised in the past include rafting, zip lining, rock climbing, painting, and bouncy football.

This week, we have had a look around the most extreme and unusual team building activities out there. We must say, some of them are so wild we would have never come up with the idea!

We have compiled our top-10 list from this article on Would you dare try any of these?

1. Skydiving

Among the most unexpected team building exercises for a group. First-time participants need to take an orientation class to familiarise themselves with the basics, for example how to control breathing in high altitudes and opening the parachute for landing. Exciting activities to do as a team in the air include making formations, doing the free fall, and gliding.

2. Zorbing

Zorbing is a fun recreational team building activity for all seasons. Folks challenge themselves to roll down the hill or on water. During winter, team members can zorb on frozen lakes or ski on snow inside the inflatable ball. This activity is simple but engaging.

3. Bungee Jumping

One of the most unconventional team building ideas. To enjoy this challenge, participants must prepare themselves mentally for the leap. One plus is that the activity requires little to no physical preparation. Members can meditate while suspended to help calm anxiety and make the fall more bearable.

4. Sky Walking

A skywalk tour is one of the most thrilling adventures for groups. Team members can view fascinating sceneries from a very high-altitude area. Skywalk paths usually connect two natural high points like hills or cliffs. However, most cities have skywalk facilities extending from very tall buildings.

5. Camping

Camping is one of the unique team building activities that expose participants to learn some survival tactics. The event takes the team members out of their comfort zone to unfamiliar surroundings, and participants apply their skills and wisdom to thrive. For instance, finding food, shelter, and creating warmth. Camping helps participants to learn the art of solving problems through simple actions like recycling and improvising.

6. Scuba Diving

For a team that loves swimming or diving, scuba diving is among the best unusual team building ideas. For added fun, teams can include games like underwater scavenger hunts. Participants can have a list of prompts, including sea animals, plants, and features. Players can use underwater cameras to capture images of objects.

7. Blindfolded Cook-off

The blindfolded cook-off is among the original team building ideas to take cooking contests a notch higher. In this activity, the host instructs participants to prepare a meal on a given recipe. Participants first familiarise themselves with procedures and then put on the blindfolds. The host then sets the ingredients on the table, and the cooking begins. Participants should use all other senses to identify the ingredients and have a good memory of the recipe. In the end, participants taste the food and assess the best cook on blindfolds.

8. Dune Surfing

The desert’s rich attractions like oases, sand dunes, and plains make a fantastic option for a group outing. Teams can plan for a private corporate dune surfing event or book a slot with tour companies that sell desert experiences. Participants need to have sand boards to slide down the slope.

9. Sumo Wrestling

Sumo wrestling is among the most amusing, unusual team building ideas. This fun activity is probably the only chance for team members to outshine colleagues with their wrestling prowess without getting in trouble with HR.

10. Car Racing

Car races are fun activities for teams. Participants can enjoy speeding beyond traffic limits for a prize or title by heading to a controlled course. Participants unable or unwilling to drive at high speeds can opt to watch the races. If the team members are inexperienced car racing drivers, then the group can first take coaching classes at a nearby car racing academy or with the venue’s instructors.