Life of an event planner – told by an event planner

In July 2019, our event planner Penelope was participating in the Discover Sardinia workshop, exploring the narrow streets of Cagliari and visiting Sardinia’s stunning seaside resorts. Before coming back to Chamonix, she wrote this note about life in event planning.

I would be lying if I said I am not amazed at the life I often get to live through work. But if you think that, just because they are entertainment, events are a fun & games, eating & drinking thing, you should think again.

An event planner is an observer, a mind reader, a control freak, a creative, an improviser, a perfectionist, an entertainer, a host, a storyteller, a romantic. And so no, events are not for everyone and no, you might not love the job at all. In fact, it might just make your head explode.

You need a strong stomach at all the dinners, a strong liver at all the parties.
The stamina to function, smile and run the show after semi sleepless nights.
The zen to constantly see beautiful things and leave them behind before you even get to enjoy them.
The patience to engage in superficial conversation in what is often considered a superficial job, while it’s actually a stressful, complex profession.

Your brain is left dominant, right dominant, constantly racing while you make it all happen, keep it all together, fix the flaws in the background, add sparkly touches, check and re-check that everything is smooth as oil, while you stir your cocktail and pretend you’ve never been more relaxed.

And when the magic you created for others is over and you are left with just a few dying sparkles of laughter and joy, you take off your Fairy Godmother dress and you go back to a grey city office, to start putting it all together again.

…Oh, unless you live in the Alps.