Classic Cuba

Havana, Cuba
Client: Pearl & Dean
Sector: Media & Advertising
Group Size: 32

The Brief

Five-day incentive event in an exhilarating city destination, to reward media agencies for their investment in cinema, by providing a range of adventurous, aspirational and cultural activities.


Pearl & Dean is the greatest name in cinema advertising which led to our sensational destination choice – a city which, in the 40s and 50s was once a focus for American movie stars with movie theatres three to a block and widely circulated silver screen fanzines. Prior to the USA and Cuba re-establishing diplomatic ties, Cuba was a destination for the daring and adventurous, qualities integral to Pearl & Dean’s corporate culture.


Highlights included a 1950s mafia tour of Havana, taking in scenes from the Godfather films, in a convoy of classic American cars; a Buena Vista show, a day sailing with a private beach BBQ and to top it all, private salsa lessons that the group showcased at one of Havana’s uber-trendy nightspots. Altogether, a mesmerising trip of a lifetime.

Event Overview

We designed a five-day trip to the dramatic city of Havana, embracing the vibrant, bustling and raw experience of this tropical nation island of Cuba and, like cinema, bound with nostalgia.

Guests were booked into Hotel Nacional de Cuba, steeped in Cuban history with stunning sea views. In the past, this iconic hotel had played host to a range of famous visitors, particularly screen idols from Hollywood’s golden years.

With a combination of sun, dancing, icy cocktails, rum & cigar tasting, colonial ruins, avant-garde art and a dose of communism, our guests were wowed by the sheer diversity of this incredible capital city.