A successful event

As much as we love skiing, this is the season for organising relaxing events in the countryside or at the sea for our clients. This summer we decided to explore a destination close to our hearts – Scotland. We just came back from a few days in the highlands running a successful event with a lovely group at Peebles Hydro hotel.

Peebles Hydro is a stunning hotel in the Scottish countryside providing all sorts of services, from conference rooms to team-building activities.

Our busy event agenda ranged from whiskey tasting and highland dances to rifle shooting and bubble football. The hotel even organised an evening with live music from a local band and a painting workshop in the property’s gardens.

We could not be more satisfied with the level of hospitality and service we received at Peebles Hydro. They took care of every detail and the team was extremely friendly throughout the event. Our most experienced team member, Claire, even said they were possibly the best hotel she has worked with in 20 years!

We are always thrilled when venues make it easy to run an event. It is a matter of teamwork and Peebles Hydro have been impressive at it! Thank you for helping us run such a successful event.

Expanding our event destination portfolio

Since we founded Ten80 Events in 2004, our event destination portfolio has grown significantly. We started out taking clients to the French Alps and especially in Chamonix, where we are based. Along the years, we started exploring other mountain resorts across France, Italy and Austria, diversifying our winter event offer. But we did not want to restrict ourselves to winter events or to a particular area of the world. So, with time and a lot of “recce” trips, we have built our expertise of several destinations around the world. To this day, Ten80 Events has taken clients to anywhere from Europe to the USA, from India to Cuba. Expanding our event destination portfolio allows us to offer the most diverse types of trips: urban escapes, rural retreats, adventurous team buildings, incentives in the sun and, of course, winter corporate trips on the slopes.

We have recently looked to add a new destination to our portfolio: Scotland. With its natural beauty and historical charm, Scotland has the perfect ingredients for a successful corporate trip. We have selected a few, stunning properties in the country offering great corporate facilties as well as spas, country clubs, golf courses and more. We are looking forward to taking our first groups of clients to this magical land for an unforgettable event experience.

Some of our favorite properties in Scotland are:

Peebles Hydro


Atholl Palace