Make Your World Bigger

Cappadocia, Turkey
Client: Discovery Channel
Sector: Media & Advertising
Group Size: 17

The Brief

Incentive event with the theme ‘Make Your World Bigger’, to entice media agencies and clients to strengthen their AV relationship with Discovery Channel and presenting the opportunity for reviews to be incorporated into David Baddiel’s The Silk Road series. The idea was to take guests to an unusual destination, to undertake adventurous activities, whilst living and breathing the history.


Discovery is renowned for its widely distributed travel and history content and the destination must be befitting to the upcoming series of The Silk Road (an ancient network of trade routes that connected the East and West), together with exciting activities that allowed guests to soak up bygone times.


Ten80 Events went the extra mile and designed a unique outdoor private dining experience surrounded by ancient ‘fairy chimneys’, festoon lights, live music, cocktails and a special menu prepared by an award-winning chef. This was an utterly unforgettable evening, particularly watching the towering rock formations change colour in the sunset.

Event Overview

We wowed our guests with a four-day trip to the whimsical city of Cappadocia, the semi-arid region in central Turkey, known for its moon-like landscape, distinctive “fairy chimneys,” and Bronze Age homes carved into valley walls by cave dwellers. We booked the group into Argos, a boutique hotel hewn from volcanic stone, located in the ancient village of Uçhisar, a one-time monastery and Silk Road stop-off. The hotel’s maze of caves and underground tunnels set the scene for the geological oddity of honeycombed hills, subterranean refuges and towering boulders of otherworldly beauty that is Cappadocia.

On one of the days the group experienced the magic of a hot air balloon flight at dawn, watching the sun rise over the unique valley of volcanic rock spires and high plateaus. We juxtaposed the tranquillity of floating over this ethereal landscape with an afternoon mountain biking adventure, taking guests on trails that ranged from simple to challenging, through unspoilt villages and pristine landscapes, experiencing Turkey’s most spectacular region from both land and air.