Volcanic Adventures

Southern Iceland
Client: Venture Capital Firm
Sector: Finance
Group Size: 30

The Brief

One of a series of ‘volcano themed’ networking events, taking important investors and investees to a different, adventurous ‘bucket list’ location to take part in activities of a lifetime.


Iceland is known around the world as “the land of ice and fire”. The country’s numerous stunning glaciers are where the ‘ice’ part is derived from, with ‘fire’ representing the many spectacular volcanoes.


A unique, mouth-watering wilderness lunch in a remote mountain hut, conceived and cooked on-site by renowned Icelandic star chef Gísli Matthías Auðunsson.

Event Overview

A three-day trip to the magical Southern Region of Iceland. Flying into Reyjavik, we journeyed into the wilderness to the luxurious Hotel Ranga, set in an idyllic remote location next to the Ranga salmon river in Hella. From here, we hired self-drive super jeeps to tour Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull, a snow-covered volcano with panoramic views.

Seeing the Northern Lights is a pinnacle life experience. After a delicious evening tasting menu at the hotel, with acoustic live music, guests were fortunate enough to experience the beautiful aurora borealis phenomenon and were left in awe.

Icelandic horses were brought to the island by the Vikings. Our guests had the opportunity of riding this unique breed and experiencing the natural beauty of the Icelandic countryside at a relaxed pace.